Access Rights

When it comes to access rights, a good practice consists in only granting the access required by each user in order to complete their specific tasks.

Therefore, ACTITO allows to manage what a user can see and do in a licence. With the "Manage Users" application, the licence administrator can adapt the access rights given to their users according to the their role. Two concepts make it possible: Users configurations and Entities.

  • Entities allow to limit the access to surrounding resources related to a database. These are the custom tables (purchases, abandoned cart,…) linked to the profile table, but also the campaigns, templates, scenarios or forms related to it.

  • User configurations allow to limit what a user can do in the licence. This allows you to grant access a set of applications (“E-mail campaigns” category), some individual applications (“Manage e-mail campaigns”) and even some specific steps within an application (“launching an e-mail campaign”)