Creating a Testing Group

In order to create a testing group, go to the 'Testing groups' app (Catalogue > Profiles > Testing groups)


You can also reach this app directly from the 'Manage profiles' app. After selecting a Profile table, click on 'Testing groups': it will only display the testing groups linked to this database. Therefore, you will not have to go through the 'Select profile DB' step.

A. Adding a testing group

All the existing testing groups from your databases are displayed.
To create a new one, click on the 'Add' button.


Step 1: Select profile DB

Click on the table in which you want to create a testing group.

Step 2: Parameter definition

You will have to name your testing group. This name can only appear once in each database.

Step 3: Member selection

At this stage, you will choose which profiles to include in your testing group.

ACTITO will offer a default selection of a few profile that you may want to include in your testing group.

Nevertheless, you have the option to look for specific profiles:

  • either with a quick filter by first name, name of e-mail address, which allows you to look for a profile in particular within your database. For instance, one of your colleagues in charge of validating your campaigns.

  • either with an advanced research: this allows you to look for profiles that fit specific criteria. For example, 'has a subscription' or 'belongs to a specific segment'.

If your campaigns are multilingual, your testing group should include a profile from each language option.
If you personalize your campaigns according to gender, your testing groups should include a sample of men and women.

Each personalization or conditioning parameter of your campaign should also be represented.

To launch an advanced search, click on the 'Add a criterion' icon' next to the filter.


After finding a relevant profile, click on the '+' icon located at the right end of its line to add it to your testing group.

If you selected some profiles according to specific criteria, we advise you to specify the reason in the dedicated column.

This useful information will be displayed when you validate your campaign.

It might be useful to create various testing groups, each with its own purpose. For instance :

  • 'Content Test' to validate the content of your e-mail internally

  • 'E-mail Test' to validate the layout in the most common providers (Hotmail, Gmail,...)

  • 'Base E-mail' to validate your customizations


Remember to include in your testing group every person who will be involved in the internal validation process of your campaigns.

We advise you to avoid as much as possible forwarding test emails, since it might affect the email's layout. The person receiving the forwarded message might not see the email images correctly.

In any case, make sure to click on 'Finish' to save your testing group.