Adding a Profile to a Testing Group

There are multiple ways to add a profile to a testing group in ACTITO.

Option 1: from the 'Profiles' app

Go to the 'Manage Profiles' app (Catalog > Profiles > Manage Profiles)


A. Choosing the table

Select the profile table in which you want to update the testing group. The line will turn green.

To open the table, click on the 'Profiles' icon or double-click on the highlighted line.

B. Adding a profile to a testing group

Select the profile that you want to include then click on 'More' and 'Define as test profile(s)'


You will be able to add it to a testing group.


When you add the profile, you have to:

  1. specify its role (the reason why it belongs to this group).

  2. choose to add it to an existing target testing group.

  3. choose to add it to a new testing group. This new group will be created directly with the profile in it.


Consider always specifying the reason why you included each profile in your testing group: this information will be useful when testing campaigns.

(Also see 'Managing Testing Groups')

Once everything is specified, you can validate by clicking on 'Finish'.

Option 2: from the 'E-mail campaigns' app

While in the 'Manage E-mail campaigns' (Catalog > E-mail campaigns > Manage e-mail campaigns), the 5th step of the creation (or edition) of your campaign will offer you the opportunity to modify existing testing groups or even to create a new testing group.

Option 3: from the 'Testing groups' app

Go to the 'Testing groups' app (Catalog > Profiles > Testing groups).

This app gives you the opportunity to create new testing groups, to modify existing groups or even to delete it.