Adding a Segmentation to a Profile Table

Segmentations are an important component of your profile table. They indeed let you record the affiliation of a profile to a group of profiles on the basis of a common characteristic.

These groups are a preferred tool to let you send the right message to the right person (for example, via a segmentation according to the consumer type: Gold, Silver or Bronze) and at the right time (for example via a segmentation based on purchase frequency).


Difference between the 2 kinds of segmentation in Actito:

  • An exclusive segmentation regroups profiles that belong in a type of classification

  • A simple segmentation regroups profiles with a common characteristic

There is a difference between 'Creating a segmentation' and 'Adding a contact to a segment':

  • By 'Creating a segmentation', you will create the structure to collect the information.

  • By 'Adding a contact to a segment', you will determine that a profile belongs to a segment.

Creating a segmentation in a profile table is done via the 'Manage Segmentations' application (Catalog > Profiles > Manage Segmentations) .


Setting up automated segmentation rules is done via the 'Manage segmentation rules' application (Catalog > Automation > Manage segmentation rules) .



For additional information regarding segmentations, we invite you to read the 'Segmentations' chapter.