ACTITO enables you to create scenarios in order to plan interactions with your Profiles and to transform individual communication into personalized dialogues. The automation allowed by ACTITO consists in preparing and launching scenarios which will activate depending on predefined parameters (trigger factors, planned delays or filtering). These scenarios will let you send a (or several) message(s) to any communication channel managed by ACTITO.

For example, the launch of a scenario could be activated due to:

  • The subscription of a profile to a newsletter;

  • The addition a profile to a segment;

  • The action of a profile in an e-mail (opening, click, …), on a webpage (goal, participation to a form),...

  • The anniversary or birthday of a profile

  • The date of the last order of a profile

To set up a ‘scenario’ go to the app ‘Manage Scenarios’ (Catalog > Automation > Manage scenarios)



You can access this app directly through the quick menu on the left of ACTITO welcome page.