Understanding the sending optimizer

Importance of profile engagement

Impact on deliverability

When it comes to the deliverability of your e-mail campaigns, the behavior of your recipients is an important component that should not be overlooked.

Admittedly, the main filtering carried out by the anti-spam system of e-mail providers is first of all focused on the reputation of your IP address and your sending domain, as well as on the content of your message.

However, a second filter is based on the behavior of your recipients when they receive your campaigns and therefore on their engagement with your brand: high opening and click rates will let you enjoy a better reputation. On the contrary, if too many e-mails are marked as spam, your reputation will plummet.

Impact on individual campaigns

While the behavior of your recipients has a global impact on your reputation, it also has an impact on each individual campaign. The reactivity of your recipients will therefore influence on the performance of your campaigns.

However, sending a mass marketing campaign is not done entirely at the same time. If the traffic during the first hour of your campaign is negative, meaning that the opening and click rates are especially low, the reputation of your campaign could suffer. The second half of the e-mail sending might even be marked as spam, which would lead to blocking the campaign.

ACTITO's solution

ACTITO is aware of the risks of generating a sending randomly. The campaign be blocked if the first recipients are not active and such a blockade would mean that very active profiles for whom the e-mail was generated in the last chunk would not receive the e-mail at all!

In order to avoid this scenario, Actito does not generate the e-mails randomly, but rather prioritizing an optimized distribution thanks to the "Sending Optimizer" feature.

Sending Optimizer

The "Sending Optimizer" is a feature that uses Actito artificial intelligence to sort the contacts according to their engagement score. For additional information on this subject, we invite you to see the page dedicated to the "engagement score".

The distribution of your sending is therefore optimized so that very active profiles are the first addresses to receive your e-mail, followed by the active ones, the slightly less active ones, and so on.

Advantage of the Sending Optimizer

Sending a message to the most engaged profiles in priority will allow to optimise positive traffic at the start of the campaign. These profiles are indeed typically more reactive and more likely to generate as much openings and clicks as possible in your e-mail, which in return will improve the reputation of your campaign.

Consequently, inbox placement will be optimized and the performance of your campaign will increase.

The e-mails will be sent to profiles with the lowest engagement score at the end of the campaign generation. By prioritising the best contacts, the risk zone induced by negative traffic will be small: by the time the opening rate starts to decline because of the inactive profiles, your whole campaign would have been already sent.

Profiles who will not open your e-mail cannot block the whole campaign, nor punish very engaged profiles.

Set up

The "Sending Optimizer" is basic feature of ACTITO. It is automatically activated.

Good to know

The calculation of the engagement score is based on the results of your previous campaigns. A sending history is therefore necessary for the "Sending Optimizer" to work properly.