Adding an Hyperlink to an SMS

Dy definition, an SMS is only made of pure text. It is not technically possible to add a hyperlink to an SMS (a text which you can click to reach an URL). On the other hand, you can directly include an URL in your message. You must however pay attention to

  • the length of your URL: the SMS format is limited to 160 characters. If you go over this limit, your SMS will be sent in two messages.

  • make sure there are no 'special characters': the SMS format was conceived with only a precise range of characters in mind. Some special characters are not included in it. If these were used, the message coding would be modified and the maximum character limit would drop to 70 (from 160).

How to proceed?

The two following options are available:

  1. Using an URL directing to an ACTITO form

    This is simplest option: all you need to do is add the form as customization parameter:

    In order to achieve that, add ${form} in the body of the message, where you want the link to be displayed.


    Next, click on 'Customizations'.

    A new window will pop up. Select 'Link' in the drop-down menu, followed by 'Form', then select the name of your form. Only active forms will be displayed.

    At the launch of the SMS campaign, a personalized link will generate for each receiver. This link will enable you to personalize the form by to filling already known information...


  2. Using an URL directing to a Webpage

    Should you need to use this method, we suggest you use an URL shortener in order to avoid going over the 160 characters limit.

    ACTITO provides a URL shortener integrated in the SMS application. You should therefore proceed as for a form and insert a customization instead of the URL.

    In "Customizations", select "Link in the dropdown menu, then "Custom URL". Next, insert the URL of the link.

    The address will be shortened by default. It can be deactivated by clicking on the cog icon and unticking the "Use short link" box. However, please note that this feature also allows you to track clicks on this link.