Understanding the Components of a Profile Table

A Profile table can constituted of 3 information types:

  • Attributes: they are the main components of a profile (socio-demographic data, contact information, …)

  • Segmentations: they will be used to connect a profile to a specific group based on a common characteristic (occasional, regular or unconditional buyer; lead or potential customer; gold, silver or bronze customer)

  • Subscriptions: they enable the collection of ‘opt-ins’, meaning the authorization given by a profile to be contacted via a specific channel for a purpose which must be specified (Please note carefully that these subscriptions are not the marketing consent, which is an attribute. For additional information, see the 'Subscriptions' chapter).

Each of these types of data can be accessed in its own tab within the 'Profiles' module.


These fields are used to store the critical data of a profile, meaning all common fields such as name, first name, gender, language, e-mail address, mobile number,… The fields linked to communication channels (E-mail address, mobile phone number) are used by Actito to send marketing campaigns. All the other fields can be easily used to personalize these messages.

The table attributes are set up by type (string of characters, number, data, mobile number…), either in a manner predefined by Actito (see the list of predefined attributes) or at the time of their creation. They will therefore be validated when imported or updated.

To manage optimal campaigns, some fields are mandatory in your database:

  1. A communication information: the e-mail address, the phone number,... to be able to contact the user.

  2. The mother tongue: to guarantee that the content will be sent in the mother tongue of the profile.

  3. A marketing consent: the authorization (mandatory according to GDPR) to communicate with your customers.

  4. A ‘key’: a data that is unique for each profile, in order to avoid duplicates. It will allow the clear identification of the person, for example in case of updates. The key of the database could be an e-mail or a customer number.

You can collect other information (‘attributes') in your database. However, keep in mind that Actito is a marketing automation solution. It is highly recommended that all attributes stored can be used for marketing campaigns. These pieces of information can also be used for:

  • Segmenting your database

  • Cleaning up your data

  • Personalizing and targeting your messages

  • Producing relevant reports


A segmentation is a group of profiles.

There are two kinds of segmentations:

  • Exclusive segmentation: it allows you to group profiles sharing common characteristics in a segmentation containing several segments. The affiliation of a profile to one of these segments is characterized by its tier, by reaching a threshold.

Example: RFM segmentation: Gold, Silver and Bronze. Online activity segmentation: Very active, Active, At risk, Inactive. Prospect, Client and Former client segmentation.

  • Simple segmentation: it allows you to groups profiles sharing common characteristics in a segmentation containing a single segment. The affiliation of a profile is characterized by true or false: either he is a member, either he is not.

Example: 'field of interest' segmentation: Sport, 'meat eater' segmentation, 'discount lover' segmentation


Subscriptions are first and foremost legal data representing the authorization given by a profile to contact them for a specific purpose, and via a specific channel.

It is illegal to subscribe a contact to e-mails without its consent. This could damage the deliverability of campaigns.

For additional information, see the 'Subscriptions' chapter .