Your Portal in Actito is designed like a smartphone user interface, with a very visual access to applications.

This allows you to save some precious time when you visit Actito!

Moreover, Actito lets you personalize and adapt your user interface to your own needs.


All the applications available in Actito are found in the Catalog. Each of them has its own logo and name. Learn their signification in 'Understanding the Catalog'.

Side Menu

To the left of your screen, the quick menu will be displayed at all times, in order to let you directly access Actito's most frequently used applications.

Go to 'Using the Side Menu' to learn about its features.


Actito gives you the opportunity to personalize your portal thanks to the Favorites tab, directly to the left of the Catalog tab.

To learn how to adapt it to your needs, we invite you to read the 'Setting up the favorites tab' chapter.