Invert Selection

The 'Invert Selection' enables complex targetings, especially when negation does not let you target the expected profiles.

This option appears as an 'Invert Selection' checkbox.


This checkbox only appears in the following modules

  • E-mail (advanced)

  • Forms (only one with question criteria)

  • scenarios

  • All the modules related to DATAMART tables

How does it work?

  • All basic profiles will be selected, except those which match the criteria defined the module.

  • It means that all profiles without any no link to the selected module (and its criteria) will be part of the targeting.


You want to target profiles which have not made a purchase during a time frame (for example: within the last 3 months)
As ‘not making a purchase’ is not an action, it is difficult to research according to this criteria.

You could however do as follows:

In the 'PURCHASES' module, specify the following criteria:

  • The ID is 'known': there is a least a purchase for the profile

  • The purchase date is ‘less than 90 days’: the profile has made a least a purchase within the last 3 months

=> this setup will give you all profiles which have made a purchase within the last 3 months

  • By checking the 'Invert selection' box, you will obtain everyone except the profiles which have made a purchase within the last 3 months.
    (Everyone= anyone who has never purchased anything or who made a purchase more than months ago)

You want to target profiles which have never done any purchase.

As stated previously, a non action cannot be defined in ACTITO targeting.

You could however do as follows:

  • Select the relevant module (in this case 'Purchases')

  • Check the 'Invert selection' box

This will target all the profiles which are not linked to the 'Purchases' table, meaning profiles which have not purchased anything.



At the beginning, working with inverted selections is quite complicated. Do not hesitate to contact the support team or your account manager to ensure that everything is correct. It is also useful to ask a colleague for their opinion. You will have to explain them your targeting and explaining something is often the best way to understand it.