Data Model

ACTITO gives you the opportunity to build an extensive data model that reflects the business activity of your company. It is a star model centered on profiles, whether it be clients, readers, or any other definition specific to you.

This 'Profile Centric' Data Model puts the profile table at the center of the model. Additional tables containing useful data for your business will gravitate around this profile table. These additional tables can be directly (or indirectly) attached to the profile table. They are called 'Custom Tables'.


The comprehensiveness of the data model allows you to easily reach various data sources and to manage them directly, without depending on your technical team.

As a marketer, you retain control on all the data of every profile that you want to contact.

The star model gives you the possibility to:

The 'Data model' module will allow you to reach various applications used to manage your custom tables.

The 'Manage table data' application (Catalog > Data model > Manage data model) enable you to:


  • See the list of existing tables

  • See the data of each table

  • Import data

The 'Manage table structure' application (Catalog > Data model > Manage table structure) enables you to: