E-mail deliverability

We usually tend to look at opening and click rates when analysing the success of our campaigns. However, the importance of the delivery rate should not be underestimated.


Deliverability is the art of sending an email from a server, in this case belonging to Actito, to your customer mailbox. We call it an art because it is far from being a precise science. For good deliverability, you need to combine 3 ingredients:

  1. Good infrastructure and strong compliance with technical rules and best practices.

  2. Respect for the contacted person, their wishes, and interests.

  3. A good relationship between the sender (Actito) and the brand, as both are equally responsable.

One of the key elements in deliverability is your IP address reputation. Webmail providers mark IP address with a reputation score. A high reputation guarantees the delivery of your emails. In order for your IP address to be highly ranked by the webmail providers, a ramp-up process is essential.

Actito provides you with several tools which will help improve the deliverability rate of your campaigns:

Moreover, the behavior of each profile towards your e-mail communications will have a direct impact on your 'engagement score'. Increasing your deliverability rate and the relevance of your targetings will help you improve this score.