Understanding the Tables Zone

On the right side of the Datamart Studio screen,

  • If there are no existing extra tables linked to the selected Profile database, this lack of table will be notified by the following message:


  • If existing tables are linked to the selected Profile database, there will be a block for each extra connected table.


Understanding Custom Table

See the "Data Model" chapter for an overview about Custom Tables and how to create them.

How to see the data of a table?

In order to view the list of all fields included in one of these tables, you will need to open it. Simply click on the small arrow to the left of the title and the icon of the table.

Which shortcuts are available?

images/download/attachments/615286189/image2018-6-11_14-4-23.png ‘Manage Table Structure’

images/download/attachments/615286189/image2018-6-11_14-5-30.png ‘Manage Profiles’

images/download/attachments/615286189/image2018-6-11_14-5-57.png ‘Manage exports’

images/download/attachments/615286189/image2018-6-11_14-6-10.png ‘GDPR Register’ (General Data Protection Regulation)