Using a pre-filter segment

In order to focus your communications on the most promising profiles of your database, ACTITO gives you the opportunity to apply a default pre-filter.

A typical use would be choosing profiles who were active during the previous months, weeks, or whichever definition of active profile applies the best to your business.

This feature enables you to:

  • Give special care to the profiles who are most likely to convert your campaigns.

  • View the actual reach of your marketing campaigns at first glance.

  • Reduce database erosion by avoiding that occasionally active profiles unsubscribe because they receive too many messages for which they have little interest.

  • Improve the deliverability of your campaigns, as optimizing your opening and click rates will directly impact your deliverability.

  • Fasten the calculation of your targetings

This feature can be used by setting up a pre-filter segment. Only profiles belonging to the chosen segment will be included in your targetings.

However, you retain the possibility not to apply this filter to each targeting.

Pre-requisite: creating an "active profiles" segmentation

In order to set up a pre-filter segment, it is first necessary to create a simple segmentation which will be used to define what an "active profile" in the specific context of your business activity is.

For example:

  • Profiles who opened at least one e-mail during the last two months.

  • Profiles who clicked on at least one e-mail during the last three months

  • Profiles who made at least one purchase during the last six months

  • Profiles with a good or very good "engagement score"

This segment will contain the most promising profiles, on which you want to focus your targeting.


To learn how to create a simple segmentation, we invite you to read the "Adding a segmentation to a profile table" page.

Next, you will have to "Create a segmentation rule". Through the targeting module you will select the profiles that will belong to the pre-filter segment.

The most relevant criteria for an "active profiles" segment are the 'recency' technical attributes (opening and click recency in e-mails, engagement recency overall, ...) but you can naturally use the full extent of the Actito Targeting module (criteria on Custom Tables, forms, goals, …)

It is also during the creation of your segmentation rule that you will have to define how to update and supply your segmentation: for simple segmentations, it is highly advised to always use "Match".

Setting up a pre-filter segment

To activate the use of a pre-filter segment and therefore optimize your targetings, go to the 'Manage DB structure' application (Catalog > Profiles > Manage DB structure)


Select the database for which you want to define a pre-filter segment. Its line will turn green.

Next, click on the 'More' button then on 'Optimize your targeting'.


You will be invited to select the segment used for pre-filtering your targetings. The dropdown menu will only display simple segmentations from the selected database.


Click on 'Yes, proceed' to immediately validate the use of this segment as a pre-filter segment.

Using a pre-filter segment

After defining a pre-filter segment, it will be used as default pre-filter wherever the targeting module can be used.

At the bottom of the targeting module page, under the criteria blocks, a small checkbox named 'Only profiles from the pre-filter segment "SegmentName" will be included in this targeting' will appear.


This box is checked by default. If you do not want to limit your target population to the pre-filter segment (and not focus on the most active profiles), you only need to uncheck the box.

Targeting inactive profiles

While the main use of the pre-filter segment is optimizing your communications by targeting first and foremost your most active profiles, it can also be used to improve your marketing strategy globally.

Indeed, as the "active profiles" segment is available in targeting criteria, it is possible to select profiles that do not belong to it for specific actions (such as advertising retargeting) or to trigger a scenario as soon as a profile leaves the "active profiles" segment.

Disabling the pre-filter segment

To disable a pre-filter segment, you should proceed similarly to when you set it up.

Next, leave the box empty in the 'Targeting pre-filter segment' field, then click on 'Yes, proceed'.