Managing Testing Groups

The aim of a testing group is to:

  • Test content variability

When creating an e-mail campaign, you may personalize its content. The personalization can be simple (inserting the name or the first name of a person) or more complex (showing some blocks only for profiles who fit specific criteria). In order to test the display of each version of your e-mail, your testing group must contain a sample of all the different possibilities.

  • Simplify the validation process of an e-mail

By including your colleagues/managers in the testing group, sending test e-mails will be easier and quicker. You will also benefit from real-time tracking by learning directly if the test e-mail was opened, clicked on,...

Actito therefore offers 2 different types of testing groups:

  • Profile samples, which helps you model your tests message after real profiles, before sending them to your test recipients

  • Testing teams, which pre-assign each generated test message to your list of internal testers

To start, go to "Testing groups" (Catalog > Profiles > Testing groups).


The testing group application displays all the testing groups related to each database of your licence.

Through the filters to the left, you can choose which testing groups to display, depending on the database they belong to, their type (profile sample or testing team) and their status (draft or active)


Click on 'Create a testing group' to build a new testing group.

You will have 2 options: