Deleting a Profile

Even if it is often necessary to keep your database up-to-date, deleting a profile is not an action without consequences.

It will definitively delete all the information linked to this profile.
There are no automatic mechanisms to recover a deleted profile.

Consequences of deleting a profile

  • The deletion of the profile is irreversible.

  • The interactions are not reachable anymore:

    • E-mail interactions are deleted: already sent e-mails are no longer valid

    • Survey Participation interactions are anonymized.

    • Goals and SMS interactions are no longer linked to a profile.

    • Table entries are either deleted or separated, depending on criteria used when defining the table.

  • Interaction data related to a profile (e-mail opening rate, clicks, survey participation) do not exist anymore.

  • However, global results of e-mail, SMS or Form campaigns still exist.