Adding a Subscription to the Profile Table

To 'add a subscription', go to the 'Manage database structure' app (Catalog > Profiles > Manage DB structure)


A Profile table must obligatorily contain at least one subscription for the e-mail channel, in order to allow the management of unsubscribing to e-mail campaigns through Actito.

Subscriptions are not the 'marketing consent' (necessary for GDPR compliance), which is a predefined attribute.

A. Choosing a table

Select the profile table whose structure you want to modify. Next, select the 'Update' Button.


B. Adding a subscription

To add a subscription to the displayed table, select the 'Subscriptions' tab and click on the 'Add' button.


Pop-up: Add a new subscription

The creation of a new subscription in a profile table simply consists in defining the name of this subscription. This creation will be launched after clicking the 'Create the subscription' button.


After the creation, you will go back to the recap screen of existing subscriptions for the profile table, where you will see this new subscription.

Please pay attention when naming the subscription, as it will become a technical value for Actito that cannot be modified afterwards. To modify it, it will be necessary to delete the subscription and to create a new one.