Transactional Campaigns


Transactional campaigns are non-promotional messages which are expected by the customer, because they are interactions started by the profile, such as:

  • A contract or a transaction made between this profile and your company (e.g., order confirmation, e-ticket)

  • The completion of the process started by a profile (e.g., shipping confirmation)

  • A request specifically made by this profile (e.g., quote request, password recovery)

They represent a unitary and specific communication containing necessary or high-priority info required by the customer, and as such, are expected to be delivered immediately.

No filters are applied on transactional campaigns (sending optimizer, commercial pressure, marketing consent,…) and the concept of subscription cannot be applied to transactional e-mails.

  • They do not require consent nor a specific subscription.

  • They cannot generate a general consent or the opt-in to a subscription.

Therefore, they are sent through specific unfiltered channels (transactional IP/sending domain or transactional SMS account).

Actito's offer

Actito's transactional offer is an optional module that allows you to fulfill your communication needs related to e-ticketing, retail or e-commerce orders, or any other transactional message.

It includes:

  • the possibility to send both transactional e-mails and/or transactional SMS messages.

  • access to the Actito e-mail editor, allowing your Marketing team to take over the transactional channel and ensure that it follows the same graphical identity as your marketing communications.

  • dedicated API routes.

  • the possibility to send attachments (transactional e-mails).

Actito’s Transactional Module needs to be configured and fully set-up. We invite you to discuss the modalities with your account manager.

Once the module is activated in Actito, you can set up your transactional channel with great autonomy by following our recommendations.