Managing Status Page Subscriptions

Actito's status page is used to notify you if a maintenance is scheduled or if the platform is encountering some impactful issue.

It is divided into the 3 PRODUCTION environments of Actito (ENV-0, ENV-1 and ENV-3) and each environment encompasses the main applications of the platform (Portal, E-mail campaigns, API,...).

There is also a section for the TEST environment and several Actito add-ons.


You can view the name of the environment on which your Actito license is hosted in the 'My account' menu, by clicking on your initials in the top right corner of the interface.

The status page can be bookmarked so you can quickly access it if you feel the need to check the status of the platform: in case there's an incident impacting an environment, a message will be posted on the status page, and the impacted apps will be marked.

All updates regarding the investigation and the resolution will also be posted on the page.

We define an incident as an issue hindering the proper usage of an application of the platform in a significant way and for a majority of its users.

Subscribing to the status page

When a message is posted on the status page, an e-mail notification will also be sent to the people who have subscribed to the applications impacted by the event.

Subscribing to notifications can be done by 'Admin' users in their dedicated 'License configuration' platform, where they can find the 'Status page subscription' app.


There, Admins can input an e-mail address to subscribe them to notifications. It doesn't need to be an Actito user: any address can be used, including distribution lists for example.

By default, all applications of the environment you are on will be pre-selected, with the possibility to check the additional features. Admin can choose to modify this list (for example, only subscribe the technical users to notifications related to the API).


After being added, the subscriber will receive a confirmation message from Status Page.


Once subscribed, an address is not tied to a license, because the same person can actually be a user in several licenses. The subscriptions preference management is therefore done through the status page notifications, where recipient can choose to update the application to which they are subscribed through the Manage your subscription link at the bottom of the e-mails.


If the Admin tries to subscribe an address that's already subscribed to the status page, they'll be notified that this recipient already receives notifications and that they can update their application preferences through the Manage your subscription link found in any status page e-mail, as explained above.