Using the Side Menu

The Quick Menu

From anywhere in Actito, it is very easy to access the most frequently used applications: they are displayed at all times in the sidebar to the left of your screen.

Hovering your mouse over an icon will display its name the color of its theme.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2019-10-29_12-16-45.png The 'Dashboard' directs you to your homepage, the Dashboard.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2019-10-29_12-17-4.png The 'My portal' icon directs you to the Favorites tab and the Catalog.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2023-2-20_10-0-4.png Click on the 'Manage Profiles' icon to manage your databases of profiles.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2019-10-29_12-17-50.png Click on the 'Manage e-mail campaigns' icon to reach the e-mail campaigns module.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2019-10-29_12-18-4.png Click on the 'Manage SMS campaigns' icon to access SMS campaigns.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2019-10-29_12-18-19.png Clicking on the 'Manage Forms and Pages' icon will direct you to the forms module.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2019-10-29_12-18-35.png Clicking on this icon will direct you to the 'Manage Print Campaigns' module.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2019-10-29_12-18-45.png Click on the 'Manage scenarios' icon to access the scenarios management application.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2019-10-29_12-18-53.png Click on the 'Datamart Studio' icon to access the Datamart Studio.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2023-2-20_10-2-10.png Click on the 'Date exchange' icon to access the 'Manage exports' app.

images/download/thumbnails/615285742/image2019-10-29_12-19-50.png The 'Store' icon directs you to the Store.

The Search Bar

What if you need to access an app that's not in the quick menu?

Instead of looking through the whole Catalog, you can use the Search feature by clicking on the icon at the top of the menu.


Click on this icon to open the Search bar.

With this feature, you can search for applications by inputting a keyword. You will get all the apps containing this term, across all categories, including the account management and the license configurations ones (for 'Admin' users).


In addition, the last applications visited through the search bar are highlighted at the top, allowing you to quickly go back to them.