Managing STOP SMS

Creating an unsubscribe scenario is not possible in SMS campaigns.

A profile who does not want to receive SMS messages anymore will be able to answer STOP to the SMS or to unsubscribe from the operator website, depending on the country.

STOP SMS Management

STOPs are handled for marketing campaigns only in France and Belgium.

"STOP" mention

To inform a profile that they can unsubscribed from SMS campaigns, it is required to mention STOP at the end of the message.




  • Legal obligation to add the mention "Stop 00000" for marketing SMS with an alphanumeric sender (alias).

  • Added by the operator if omitted (beware, this can increase the number of SMS parts).


  • Legal obligation but no jurisprudence.

  • Not added automatically by operator.


"00000" is automatically replaced by the sending shortcode (shared or dedicated) by the operator when the mention 'STOP 00000' is at the end of the message.

Indeed, when using an alphanumeric alias, the profile must send STOP to the specified number.

This replacement only occurs if an alphanumeric alias was defined at step 1. Otherwise, the STOP mention is not mandatory: the profile can simply answer STOP directly to the mesage.


When a person reply STOP following an SMS campaign, they cannot receive communication anymore from this number (legal obligation):

  • ACTITO will receive a return notification from the phone operator, with the phone number and the 'STOP' mention.

  • ACTITO will place this phone number in a 'quarantine' status.

Unsubscribe Management

For countries in which the "STOP SMS" mention is not handled (other than France and Belgium), our operator provides a website where a profile can unsubscribe from SMS campaigns: "".

This short link can be added manually at the end of the message in order to direct towards a webpage where the profile will be invited to input their mobile phone number and the unsubscribe reason.

Our operator then informs ACTITO from the unsubscribe and this number is placed in a 'quarantine' status.

SMS Quarantine Management

The SMS quarantine is handled by licence, without considering notions of databases or entities.

Once quarantined, the profile will be filtered for any campaign in the licence which would attempt to use this phone number.

Regardless of the unsubscribe method, a STOP is assigned to a campaign / a licence according to the most recent campaign sent to this number.

STOP SMS Reporting

For any SMS campaign in a licence, ACTITO can provide:

  • the campaign report, which gives the number and percentage of 'unsubscribes' = these are the profiles who sent a STOP following the campaign.

  • the SMS interactions export provides the STOP information: in th column "Status" = STOPPPED (STOP following this campaign).